About the Blog

This blog was designed to provide accessible analysis on issues pertaining to conflict, security and prospects for peace, particularly within the Latin American and Southeast Asian regions.  Moreover, it aims to provide an outlet for my thoughts on challenges to government authority by non-state actors, and as a way to present findings derived from my own PhD research on Colombia.

The title ‘morethanwars’ was chosen to reflect the well-known observation that winning the military aspect of conflict doesn’t necessarily result in its long-term cessation.  In fact, the end of immediate conflict brings about a host of new challenges that a given state may face, ranging from issues pertaining to the implementation of peace agreements and ‘successful’ DDR through to potential conflict transformation, depending on the conflict environment.

These facets often do not make for exciting media content, and are often under featured in news outlets.  However, it is critical to consider potential challenges post-conflict in an attempt to minimise pre-existing (or new) grievances from resurfacing.

The thoughts in this blog are my own, and provide basic analysis and observations pertaining to some of these issues in the Latin American and Southeast Asian contexts as derived from my personal research.